Improving Teacher & Outstanding teacher Programmes

Summary of the process & timescale:

1.    By the end of this term a Person Specification for a Facilitator (a teacher who delivers the programmes) will be distributed to schools and Headteachers will be asked to submit the names of any teachers they feel capable of delivering the training to others. They themselves will have to be committed to the training and confident that their school is well placed to support the teacher in doing so.

2. In September 2015, a selection process will take place resulting in six teachers being identified as the best possible practitioners to undertake this role. These six could come from any combination of schools across the alliance.

3. In October 2015 (date to be confirmed), trainers from Olevi will deliver the three day facilitator training programme in Colchester to the six practitioners and a number of Headteachers (desirable in terms of having a better understanding of the programme).

4. From January 2016, ITP and OTP places will be made available on a coordinated programme for the remainder of the 2016 academic year (details yet to be determined). NEETSA will hold the Olevi licence, coordinate the training programmes through the facilitators’ schools and manage the financial arrangements.

To express an interest for your school to be involved in the programme please email Helen Main at hmain@neetsa.org.uk.

Created 08/07/2015