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Teaching and Learning - Primary

  • Anita Andrews

    Anita Andrews

    Specialist areas:
    Behaviour management
    Induction programmes and NQT development

    Anita is an experienced EYFS and KS1 practitioner who also has some experience of KS2 teaching. Anita has worked within the SL team at her current school for 10 years and has a clear understanding of progression through the year groups. She was involved in the pilot of the Letters and Sounds programme and cites Phonics as being one of her main educational interests alongside EYFS practice which has led Anita to the role of EYFS Pedagogue responsible for localised training and development. As a key member of the leadership team, Anita has been involved in numerous curriculum development projects as well as creating and implementing school policies, is a passionate advocate of outdoor learning and an experienced leader of assessment. She has mentored newly qualified teachers, supporting them successfully and is a firm believer in parents as partners in children's education.

  • Bronya Patmore

    Bronya Patmore

    Specialist areas of expertise:
    English, curriculum development, coaching and mentoring.
    Bronya has worked in four primary school within Essex and been the Deputy Head at Brinkley Grove for five years. Since becoming English subject leader, she has played a strategic role in the development of the teaching of reading and writing which has led to whole school improvements. Over the least three years, Bronya has also delivered training in English to ITT students; a role that she enjoys a great deal.
    Bronya believes that school to school support is crucial in order for teachers to both develop and share their expertise. She knows the role of a SLE also enables schools to ‘grow’ their own leaders which therefore plays an integral part in sustainable school improvement

  • Charlotte Booth Rylett

    Charlotte Booth Rylett

    Head of Unity Primary Academy. A REAch2 school.

    Specialist areas of expertise:
    Progress, engagement, differentiation, assessment for learning, behaviour management, cross-curricular links, questioning, visual/ creative approaches (including physical, model-mapping, lesson design, etc.), literacy, systematic synthetic phonics, communication, use of other adults, improving boys’ achievement, coaching. All aspects of Primary Leadership
    Following a career in secondary education, English teaching, Charlotte is now the proud Head Teacher of Unity Primary Academy, Colchester.

    Previously Charlotte had been seconded to the NEEEP partner school, St Helena, for one year- as part of their leadership team. Responsibilities were based around Teaching and Learning, CPD, NQTs and the whole-school Literacy programme. Prior to this Charlotte was based at Clacton County High School with the position of School Improvement Leader. Former roles include: Director of the Arts College, Head of English and Assistant Head of House.

    Charlotte is fascinated by all types of education and has gained experience in a range of educational establishments. As a Lead English Teacher for Essex, she benefited from the opportunity to work collaboratively with colleagues from other schools. In her role as Director of the Arts College, Charlotte participated in a number of out-reach projects involving several feeder primaries and a special school in the area. In addition to this, Charlotte is the governor of a local primary school; has experience of working with pupils in a CAMHS setting and has an interest in Free and Independent Schools.

    Charlotte is a firm believer that system leadership is the most cost-effective, sustainable and inspirational exchange of skill, which works towards improved provision county-wide. She is motivated by an ambitious vision for education and by her belief that every child deserves the best possible provision. Charlotte is looking forward to working collaboratively with NEETSA schools through her role as a Specialist Leader in Education.

  • Joanne Morgan-Soane

    Joanne Morgan-Soane

    Specialist area of interest:-
    Interactive strategies for Teaching and Learning,
    Joanne is an enthusiastic teacher and leader of reading. She has taught in a range of year groups including reception, year 2 and year 6 and knows the importance of getting reading right from the earliest age possible. She has led a range of internal and external CPD opportunities and enjoys supporting colleagues to develop their practice. Joanne is passionate about providing children with both the opportunity and environments to read for pleasure. She has creatively sourced funding to develop the library in her current school and has given responsibility of the day-to-day running, to her team of pupil librarians. Joanne has lead teams of staff across all key phases, kept up to date with key developments and worked hard to make sure that all parties ideas and input, is valued. She is a person that staff, are comfortable asking for advice and she prides herself on developing positive relationships with parents; regularly receiving positive feedback on evaluation forms for phonics and reading workshops. In her role as Reading leader, Joanne constantly needs to analyse how effective the working practices are for the needs of the children across all key phases, in order that they all achieve as highly as they possibly can. She realises the importance of using data to decide where changes to quality first teaching and intervention might be needed, providing training and expertise where appropriate.

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