NEETSA is committed to developing a culture in which research is used to inform practice and where teachers, school leaders and support staff carry out research and share their learning with others.  The core principle is designed to improve the experiences and the learning outcomes for all students and staff in our Alliance.  We encourage R&D to be school based, designed to meet the needs of the individual, the school, the Alliance and the National Agenda.  R&D activities will also be supported by HEI partners and other national research organisations.  Systems will be put into place to provide accreditation and, where appropriate, finance to support the investigations. 

Colchester County High School for Girls and Colchester Sixth Form College are Strand Leaders providing leadership and management for R&D.  We encourage staff involved in any R & D projects to publish their findings on our website.  ITT trainees engaged with R&D research as part of their training will be expected to share their findings with colleagues and, where appropriate, to deliver school based training to more experienced staff.  An Alliance Teachers’ Centre for NQTs and more experienced teachers, provides opportunities to embark upon continuous professional development. SLEs will make a significant contribution to R&D activities within the Alliance.