NEETSA have now become a Centre of Excellence in Governance.

Local Schools!

Local Needs!

Local Solutions!

Come to NEETSA for any help or support for Governance in your school.  

-          Are you expecting an Ofsted inspection?

-          Are you expecting a SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspection?

-          Have you identified Governance as an area to improve on in your School Improvement Plan?

-          Need some advice or training on any Governance issues?

-          Would you like to network with other school Governors?

-          Would you like support from NGA (National Governors Association) accredited leaders within the group?

Simply fill in the enquiry form below or email NEETSA@colchestergirls.essex.sch.uk with your request for support or advice and the NEETSA team will get back to you.  

In addition to becoming a Centre of Excellence in Governance, NEETSA is now a designated NLG Hub for the Eastern Region.

Please see National Leaders of Governance (NLG) for more information.

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