Our ambition is to systematically identify the best leadership talent within North East Essex.  We will utilise and coordinate the Alliance Schools/Colleges wealth of experience in this field.  Shared information gathered from regular audits of leadership potential will form the basis of a coherent plan to identify, train and deploy future leaders.  The structure will aim to meet the future leadership needs of individual schools and, collectively, the Alliance.  The Alliance hopes that because of its large scale it will mean many more of its senior leaders will be home grown.  It does accept that there maybe short falls in its system leadership capacity but these will be rectified by support from other Alliances. 

Tracking the promotion of individuals within the Alliance will be centrally coordinated and shared with colleagues, ensuring the best leadership talent has equal access to relevant training.  It will be important to scaffold, support and protect aspiring leaders.  Future leaders will be mentored/coached by more experienced colleagues and there will be programmes introduced into schools to help them build their leadership capacity.  There will be an expectation that future leaders will also access support/guidance/training via the National College for Teaching and Leadership. It will be an expectation that future leaders will post their experiences onto the Alliance Learning and Teaching website for other colleagues’ benefit.